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Whether or not you are summer children like me, we all have this time in winter which, how to say it delicately – we’ve had a bit enough of it. This is exactly why I prepared this list for us – oh well, who am I kidding – I prepared this list for myself of all the things I like about winter, hoping that this would help me to get it through with even more fun!

You are welcome to add the things you like in the comments below:

  1. This coat I’m wearing here, and this one too.
  2. Having a hot cup of chocolate under the pretext of getting warm.
  3. Coats in general.
  4. Turtleneck shirts.
  5. Sun that peeks out after grey days.
  6. Over-the-knee boots.
  7. My facial skin (it is simply better in winter).
  8. Snow.
  9. Movie nights at home with yummi snacks and good friends.





rsz_signithure_cote_-_amsterdam_-4 (1)

Jeans – Zara, Coat – Mango, Turtal neck – Asos, Sungless – Celine.
Photos by Matan Raban.
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