About Me

Hello, my name is Ofri Raban. I am 27, born in the county side and still, my biggest – and if possible highest – passion is fashion.

I have been waking up into this passion every day since I remember myself and on the day I met my dear partner, this is the first thing I told him about myself, long before revealing to him my second passion for sweets, especially macrons and cheese cakes.

But I don’t wish to talk about myself, but about you, about us as people with passion for life, each with our own passion… and actually, about the concept behind my message to you, which beautifully sits under the title QUEEN ELEPHANT.

For the sake of good order, that queen is not me but the one who dwells within me. And no, I’m not an elephant either… but I sometimes find myself awakening into the sensation that this strength gives me.

So, what is it? Who is it? Who stands behind the concept of that QUEEN ELEPHANT?

To put it in a nutshell – it is the strength in softness…

Elaborating on it – it is the perfect equilibrium ; – )

The Queen Elephant is everything, it’s you and me, it’s an idea that encourages the situation that two contradicting things can work together in harmony.

I know that it strikes a different cord in each of you, and it’s ok, this is the way it should be. The cord it strikes in me is the cord of fashion and through it I am trying to convey this message.

Because who hasn’t sometimes felt that she deserves to be a queen? And who hasn’t sometimes felt that maybe, just maybe she was a bit too harsh…? Who hasn’t experienced slight embarrassment in her life and realized the meaning of the phrase “an elephant in a china shop” and who doesn’t know, deep inside, that if only William had met her one moment before he met Kate… she would have been the natural choice for the throne? Who hasn’t stood in front of her wardrobe in the morning wondering how she got up this morning – elegant or urbane? And who hasn’t heard that in each of us there are both feminine and masculine sides? And who doesn’t know that if she could only integrate them sensitively and sensibly, she would become a kind of consensus in society.

So, in other words: be yourself and your truth shall forever be the wittiest, funniest, wisest and most charming.

Be elephants, be kings – be QUEEN ELEPHANTS and don’t forget to follow along.