Five good things that happened this month|March-April

This month too I am writing about two months together from the simple reason that I didn’t notice that April too is nearly over!

I have been receiving really good responses for this new section and this really makes me happy. Not long ago I watched a very interesting lecture which exactly relates to this issue of gratitude and the connection between it and personal happiness and I really think you should watch it – so here is the link.

So, without further ado – let’s get started – the five good things that happened this month (well, two months)

  1. I flew to India and it was a crazy experience! If you asked me three years ago, India was at the bottom of my list and I would probably told you that I would never get there. But as it goes, Man plans and God laughs – and my brother-in-law relocated to Mumbai, India, for three years. At that point I knew I would get there sometime during these three years and I was very glad for this opportunity to visit this very special destination, especially accompanied by local people. And this indeed was an amazing experience! So special that it left me with a taste for more and a wish to visit other parts of India. You are invited to watch the vlog I took there – as well as my other purchases – here.


  2. My birthday was a few days ago! Yes, yes, yes, and it wasn’t that bad! I was so afraid to celebrate my 27th birthday this year. This is the first time I actually “felt” my age. And despite of everything, I went out, partied, had a good time, got amazing compliments from all round and simply was grateful for all these good things in my life.


  3. I got a wonderful gift for my birthday – this Gucci purse I was looking at for ages. I’m head over heels in love with it and already have millions of ideas how to combine it with different looks, both summer and spring


  4. I had some really good meetings with some of my favorite brands! Soon this blog will feature some cool collaborations, so there’s a lot to expect.
  5. I freshened up my wardrobe, organized, sorted and unified the hangers (finally). I am all set to welcome the new season – and I recommend that you do the same. It’s so much fun, liberating and gives a sense of order – not only in the wardrobe itself but generally too.


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