Best Five of the Month | July

The five products that made my months:

Just like last month, this month too I will share with you the five amazing products I discovered this month, and this time – several new launches of lip products but not only. If you’re not following me and you’ve missed it somehow – there’s no makeup product I love like lipsticks! I have no idea why but this is the way it is. And my lipstick collection is to match!

  1. The first exciting product is Bobbi Brown’s new lipstick – art stick. I saw it for the first time on my trip to India (it’s unclear how it didn’t get there sooner), I felt I had to try it and immediately bought one. I fell in love with the amazing formula and its durability and it made its way straight to my purse and into day-to-day use, until the moment my purse – and this lipstick in it – was stolen in Berlin. In any way, the formula is amazing, I got these new beautiful hues – and I’m ready to buy some more.
  2. An additional new lip product is Dior’s Lip Tattoo. A pleasant product which is moist on the lips, and most importantly – does not dehydrate them. On me specifically it is not as durable as I would expect but it’s really easy to renew and it’s easily and beautifully applied even when it is not the first application, so it’s all right with me.


  1. The contour stick from the Yana Proviz and Flormar collaboration. This is the first time for me to experiment with Flormar products, so I didn’t know what to expect. On the other hand, from my acquaintance with Yana I knew this would be a success. The product is buttery and nice to apply on the face, easy to blur and you can use it to sculpt the cover you want. Its paint is great for my skin color, brown-grayish without even a shred of orange! I didn’t have a chance to try the highlight yet from the reason I hardly use such products in the summer.
  2. Charlotte Tilbury’s UNISEX HEALTHY GLOW. This product is a face primer but in fact it is so much more. It gives your face a glow and unifies your skin color. During the hot days I use it exclusively and my skin looks amazing and unified as if I used makeup.
  3. The last product is Wella’s hair oil which is perfect for the summer days for anyone who, like me, has bad hair days. I put two drops on my palms and apply to my hair edges. It’s amazing what two drops can do!


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