Best Five of the month | May

A new section on the blog. Five products that made my month 🙂 Every month five new products or items!

So, without further ado, let’s start 🙂

1. Zoeva’s new eye shadow and blush “Sweet Glamour” pallet – a wonderfully colorful and sweat pallet that really breaks all the boundaries of sweetness with its spectrum of colors. Playful and young but still glamorous; mat, shimmery, pastel eye shadows but not only and most importantly – pigment colors just as have become accustomed and like it from Zoeva’s eye shadows.

The blush pallet is just as perfect. As someone who uses almost only pink blushes – this one is perfect for me! One hue of dark pink and one of light pink. They work beautifully separately and can also be combined together. There is also a beautiful, pigment highlighter.

QueenE-3 (1)

2. Dior’s eye cream “The Eye Concentrate” – an eye cream from Dior’s “Exclusive” line which sports care products based on the plant Rose de Granville which grows in the Loire Valley in France under organic conditions. The eye cream is designed to increase rejuvenation and strength of the eye area due to a unique combination of active ingredients that encourage lifting. In addition, the cream comes complete with a golden metal handle with a white rotating porcelain end (for messaging the eye area). The cream contains unique formulae which are exclusive to Dior which enhance the eyelashes and this is why it is possible and even recommended to apply the cream all over the eyelash including the eyelash line. There is no doubt that the cream is not cheap, but as far as I’m concerned – it totally does the job is terms of experience and how the eye skin looks.


3. Jo Malone mist hair. Our favorite brand launches a new collection – Star Magnolia, based on the magnolia flower. The collection contains perfumes in two different sizes in fabulous scent, as only Jo Malone can produce. The real novelty of the collection: a hair mist designed to enhance the perform experience. A tip from me: spray it on your hair when it is tied back. You’ll understand why when you let it down again!



4. Medusa’s laptop case. I’ve been looking for the perfect laptop case for ages. I wanted something elegant and cool that would not still the thunder from my outfit and would still have a say. And finally I found something like that! In addition to everything, there is room for other stuff, I can adjust the length of the belt, and it has some hidden compartments. In short – everything I could ask for and more.

5. Last but not least – this great Asos bathing suit. It comes in a variety of colors and although I immediately wanted all of them I decided to try it first and check the figure. And ok – are you ready for this? It is simply perfect! The shape is nothing less than dreamy. It fits my small breast but still looks versatile enough for larger breasts. Let’s put it this way – it looks like I’m going to the beach this Saturday!

6. Oops, I didn’t notice there are six items this month. You’ll forgive me, right? I’ve been addicted for two years at least to Kérastase products and no matter how much I’ve been trying other brands (and I’ve been trying), I always go back to them. About two months ago I started using Orbie’s Lust Repair and Restore shampoo and conditioner. Despite of the luxurious pack I was highly skeptical. I was happy to find out that I was wrong and that this shampoo and conditioner are the best I’ve tried so far. I was so shocked that only after one wash, my hair was shining, moist and like velvet to the touch. From one wash to another it obviously only got better. If you’re into giving your hair the best – this is the product for you.

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