Best Summer Ever

I was especially lazy this summer and failed to meet the goal I set for myself – to write each month about what I am grateful for that month. This is a habit that I have had for nearly three years – at the end of each day I take five minutes to write down three things for which I am grateful that day – in this diary I mentioned here a few times. It’s been six months since I decided to use a monthly format for it here on the blog and due to very good reasons I simply couldn’t do it over the past few months – the summer months – since this summer was particularly overwhelming.

So I decided to summarize in one post all the good things that happened this summer and made it the best summer:

  1. The trip to Greece with Chanel. I won’t write about it again but you can certainly read about it here.
  2. Hubby and I went to Paris which is by far our favorite city. We have already been to Paris every season of the year – winter, autumn and spring – and this was our first time in the city during the summer. Now I can say whole-heartedly that every season is good for Paris. Just as I always thought.
  3. The trip to Paris was more magical than ever. I can’t exactly put my finger on the reason but it was as if sparks were wrapping us and accompanying us everywhere we went.
  4. This summer I finally realized something I wanted to do many times in the past and never managed to – a French picnic near the Eiffel Tower. What is a French picnic?  Baguette, wine and plenty of cheeses.
  5. We had our first experience with quadcopter photoshooting and I think it really upgrades YouTube clips. We still haven’t figured out completely how to photoshoot quality clips with it, but this is absolutely the next stage.
  6. It’s been three years that I have been dreaming of going to Mykonos – the ocean, white houses, good food and all the beauty around. This summer we finally realized that dream.
  7. After having watched all kinds of clips and tutorials I feel that my clip editing skills are improving and I’m really happy about it! I hope you will soon notice that in future clips.

This is it for this time and there’s a lot to look forward to because this section is back on track 🙂


Photos by Matan Raban.

I’m Wearing: Dress – Urban Outfiters, Hat – Mango, Bag – Chloe‘, Shoes – TopShop.

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