CHANEL Matte Liquid Lip Color

My love story with Chanel is continuing and I couldn’t be happier. As in fashion, also in beauty care – Chanel is considered No. 1 – the best, most elegant, most intriguing.

The minute I heard of the launch of their matte lip color brand I was very curious – after all I am obsessed with lipsticks and matte lipsticks in particular – and after having experimented with quite a few – I was very intrigued to try this new brand.

The collection is called Rouge Allure: Ink Matte Liquid Lip Color. The lip colors come in frosted glass bottles that contain the lip colors. There are eight shades in total and I experimented with 5 out of them: the most dreamy, accurate shades I have ever encountered so far.

The formula feels nothing less than amazing on the lips, has velvety gloss and is simply very pleasant (yes, I know, it must sound weird – you wouldn’t understand until you try!). They don’t make your lips dry like most matte lip colors and they are extremely durable. My favorable shade is 150 Luxuriant.

Exactly as one would expect of Chanel, this is the classic version of mat lip colors which, in combination with the beautiful bottle design, great formula and accurate shades, would match every age and every hue.







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