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Exclusive blogger trip to Greece

I wanted to write this post for such a long time! You can’t even imagine for how long!

Basically from the moment I got the phone call inviting me on an exclusive blogger trip to Greece – for the launching of the most buzzed-about perfume of the year – Gabrielle Chanel.

I intend to write a separate, extended post about the perfume itself, but in the meantime I want to tell you about the amazing experience we had.

We landed at Athens airport on Wednesday 9 am, where Chanel chauffeurs were waiting for us with the brand’s signs.

We were led into luxurious, air-conditioned cars, were handed a cold beverage each and hit the road – the truth is that I was so excited I didn’t even notice how long the trip took – maybe an hour.

When we arrived at the hotel, the rooms weren’t ready, so most of us dived into the pool.

I went to look for a bathing suit in the nearby shop because sure enough I forgot mine at home – so typical.

Luckily I found a normal one there.

After lunch on a terrace with beautiful views of deep-blue ocean and yachts from the movies we received our rooms where cool surprises were awaiting us.

Short rest and freshening up, we moved on to a cruise on a speed boat – an awesome, great experience.

I don’t know what about you but for me, a cruise on a speed boat or any boat is a type of meditation and it’s absolutely one of my favorite activities when I’m vacating at the beach.

Chanel unique perfume

And then we reached the peak – we arrived at a special space build by Chanel especially for the occasion in which we went from one room to another discovering the story behind the unique perfume they created.

It has been 15 years since Chanel launched a perform 5 of which they have invested in this one. Developing, improving and energetically working on the bottle design which is by far the most impressive and festive and yet minimalistic and accurate bottle I have come across.

In the evening, after a short rest in the room, we headed for dinner on the beach with all the bloggers who arrived from all over the world for this special launch. Loads of champagne, wine and cocktails coupled with great food and fun conversations with colleges from all over the globe.

The next day was calmer and after breakfast on the terrace overlooking the ocean, we had some free time before our evening flight. I used my time to wade in the pool and get some tan.

This entire trip was like a dream for me and I’m happy and excited to have been a part of it. I will very soon share with you some more details about this wonderful perfume. Get ready for 1/9 because you’re going to fall in love!

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