Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Care

Remember my last post about Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Care products? Well, I am back to let you know about three more divine products from the brand’s beauty care line.

Girls – don’t forget your neck!

The Magic Cream – I was a bit skeptical when I tried it. Still – how much magic can one cream do?

I was surprised to find out that apparently a lot, oh, quite a lot. While my skin is not too problematic, this cream certainly added vitality and liveliness to it.

My skin feels fresher and more lifted, and the most important tip Charlotte’s lovely makeup artist gave me was to also apply it on my neck! And this is where I really see tremendous improvement and truly wonder how we didn’t do it so far. Girls – don’t forget your neck!

Black circles and puffiness

Eye Rescue Magic – a fine eye cream for the most sensitive area in our face and in general – the eyes. As opposed to most creams we know, this cream can and should be rubbed into the eye and even onto the eyelid. This cream also conceals all your marks of fatigue – black circles and puffiness? You won’t have these here!

I am very particular when it comes to my eye cream, or to be more accurate – my eyes are very particular when it comes to their cream – and they don’t approve just any cream. But Charlotte’s cream passed with flying colors.

The area of my eyes feels fresh and nourished more than ever.

Get up with rejuvenated

Primer & Cream Cleanser – I was curious about this cream, especially after on the meeting I told you about here the makeup artist used it to remove the makeup with which I arrived. This cream has three uses: the first one is a proper mask. You apply a thin layer on clean face and rub it into your skin. You rinse your face after ten minutes, or as I like to do – leave it for the night, and get up with rejuvenated, glowing and fresh facial skin. I like to use it especially before important events.

The second use – cleansing cream. You apply it on dry skin and start rubbing it in with three fingers in circular movements that help removing makeup and dirt, and then rinse. Since I tried this cream I can’t imagine removing my makeup with soap.

The third and last use – primer. You apply it on a specific area in your face and message it until it is completely absorbed. So, magical cream or not?

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