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Two weeks ago I was invited to a personal introduction meeting with Charlotte Tilbury‘s Glow line, the most correct beauty product that this year seems to reach awareness more than eve – and this is for a good reason. Beyond its amazing visibility, beautiful branding and photogenic packages, the products really do the job.

The meeting was held in a charming, well lit room, full with Charlotte Tilbury products and we were awaited by the brand makeup artists who created for us the most glowing, perfect look.

They used some of the following products which in the meantime have made it to the front line on my makeup vanity:

Unisex Healthy Glow – an amazing product which is totally going to transform the market. For years Charlotte has been trying to develop a cream that would give a fresh look to the facial skin and actually make it the best, freshest most beautiful it can look. This cream fits all types, colors and ages of skin and would look excellent both under makeup and without anything on your face.

I was very surprised to see how it simply provides my facial skin with natural, beautiful glow. I use it also during days I can’t be bothered with putting makeup and also under makeup, and each time I am surprised at how good it is.

The Retoucher – a concealer created by Charlotte inspired by photography retouch pencils. It makes wrinkles, dark spots and pores go away and still looks natural on the skin and integrates great with it. In appearance it reminded me a lot of Yves Saint Laurent’s Touch Eclat which was not as good for me, and I was glad to find out that they are only similar in their external look!


Instant Look in Palette Beauty Glow – I’ve wanted Charlotte’s palette for a long time and I was so happy that the lovely makeup artist used it. The palette, which contains four facial products and three eye products, comes in a rigid, durable case, and the best part? With a huge mirror! Especially comparing to what we’re used to in palettes.


As someone who travels a lot and tries to take as few things as possible (you know, to leave enough space for shopping…), this palette is great for me. It has everything I need, and then some, and I find myself reaching out to it every day, even when I’m at home. It’s fun that everything you need is there in the same product and that it’s practical and compact. The hues are extremely pigment, very day-to-day, but you can easily create a more highlighted eye look for the evening.

Beach Stick – I don’t know what about you, but in the summer in particular I like my cheeks in a dewier and less mat look. This is why I find this product to be hysterically perfect. Pigment color, easy to blur, beautiful on the cheeks and can also be slightly applied to the lips.

Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask – they didn’t use this product on me that day but I was so intrigued about it that I applied it that very same evening. The idea behind it is to give the skin a sun kissed look that I personally love very much. There is no doubt that a tanned skin is the most beautiful thing in the world. It automatically makes us feel healthier, more beautiful, slimmer, and even more self confident. For years I haven’t had this facial tan because I guard my facial skin with several sunscreens being aware of sun damages.

This cream gives your skin the “I just came back from an exotic vacation” look that I love so much! It is recommended to use it for two to three nights on clean facial skin, apply and blend into your neck and décolletage. Don’t say I didn’t warn you – you’re going to get addicted!

The experience with Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup artists and new collection was everything I wanted for this summer and more! This brand really blows my mind – the products, the branding, the experience – everything! I am very curious to see what else they’re planning for us!





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