Five things that made me happy this (two) month| January – February

Almost without noticing, January is over and in a second or two it’s going to be March, and the truth is that this is really crazy because I feel that time is really flying.

I hope that you’re ready for another chapter in the series of five good things that happened to me this month because we’re about to start!

By the way, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out this post. Everything will be clearer.

  1. I talked about it in the previous chapter too but it’s still true – I still continue with sport and TRX classes and truly enjoy every minute of it. I manage to regularly attend two classes a week!! I am really proud of myself.
  2. After a long time my hair was having problems I feel it is finally going back to normal – two things bothered me about it: an orange color that started dominating the highlights, and that it became very dry! The orange color was neutralized by this magic mask (which will definitely make it into the favorites of this month too) and the dryness – with this Kerastase mask. I really have no words to describe the change in my hair.
  3. Recently I have been receiving loads and loads of responses from you in my personal mail and on various platforms – regarding the posts, clips, photos and what not – and this really makes me so happy and makes my heart expanded! You are totally the reason I’m doing what I’m doing and it’s fun that you remind me of all that every time with heart-warming responses.
  4. I feel that this month, more than any other month, my photos have gone up a notch and this is really fun. I can feel the improvement in my creativity, in how I approach to photography and in the final photos. I enjoy the entire process and obviously the final result. I especially like this photo, and this one, and this one too.
  5. This month I received another package from my favorite brand – Chanel – and this time it contained the iconic T-shirt from their resort collection, inspired by Cuba. It’s kind of crazy for me to receive such a gift from the most classical, hottest brand in the world – and I truly couldn’t be happier about that!
  6. You won’t get annoyed because there are 6 items this time, right? So, after more than two months of searches I finally found the upgraded camera I want and – I bought it! So, get ready for better, more focused vlogs.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be more than happy for you to share with me small or big things that made you happy this month!

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