Happy clothes

Not long ago I read an article about a new book dealing with the psychology of fashion.

The book claims what I have been saying for years – that what we wear affects our life. The author, Karen J. Pine, claims that when we dress, other than expressing ourselves, we also affect the way we feel and interact with our surrounding, hence our life.

In fact, every fashion choice we make which is aligned with our inner self lifts our spirit and boosts our self confidence. Karen calls them “happy clothes”, and more than that – she claims that they should be treated as a real mediation that should be given as prescription if needed.

She tested all that in various trials and observations, and although I knew that before – now that I have a research to back me up, I couldn’t be happier!

So, until my GP realizes that this is the prescription I’m looking for rather than another Paracetamol or Advil, I took the liberty of prescribing myself a happy, extra glittering dress, which I’m sure has already started to change my life.

So, what do you think?


Sequins dress

Sequins dress

Sequins Dress

Saint laurent clutch

Sequins dress

Dress – Neta Efrati, Shoes – Missguided, Bag — Saint Laurent

Makeup by – Or Kopelis

Photos by Amir Elharar

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