Hotel Algera | Jerusalem


This year too we decided to go. We came back after a very long period abroad and we were so happy with the familiar, addictive feeling of Jerusalem.

We decided to stay for the night and to make a mini-vacation and real celebration out of it.

We chose to spend the night in the lovely Alegra boutique hotel in Ein Kerem.

The hotel is nestled in the midst of the picturesque Ein Kerem neighborhood and has one of the most beautiful stories I have heard recently. It is situated in an old stone building encompassing within its walls the 100-year love story of Alegra Bilu, a beautiful Jewish woman from Mahane Yehuda and Jabra Rahil, a Christian Arab from Ein Kerem, who fell in love, married and lived happily ever after until the end of their life.

We spend the night in a beautiful suite – “The Cid and Chimene”, with a big, pampering bed, and the all important bath for two. In the morning we had an amazing breakfast at a small, sweet café near the hotel and enjoyed every moment of it.

You are also welcome to watch the blog we photoshot for YouTube here.

In short, the next time you look for a boutique hotel to break your routine, Alegra may just be the place for you!

Every year, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we go to Jerusalem. There is something special in the city in that time. A special atmosphere which I find difficult to put into words.








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