Lana Del Rey

I want to tell you about Lana Del Rey and how much I love her. One of the musicians who inspires me the most. Her deep voice, unique style, touching music.

Music, very much like fashion and other forms of art, affects me in many senses and layers and more importantly, moves me. Music is capable of changing my mood and inspiring me so much.

I’m in love with her music and her all so special Indie Pop style.

In addition to the unique music she writes, she has a wonderful, purely American, slightly vintage, and most importantly, highly varied – style which is reminiscent of the 50’s, 60’s and sometimes even the 80’s. Her style is so eclectic that I cannot but appreciate it. I just love it!

You can’t obviously talk about her without mentioning her special make-up style: thick eyeliner, artificial eyelashes, and full, accentuated lips.

Add to all that her concert at the end of this coming month and you’ll understand why I had to make a Lana Del Rey-inspired production.

So… what do you think? 

Lana Del Rey look

Lana Del Rey look

Lana Del Rey look

Lana Del Rey look

lana del rayLana Del Rey look

Photos by – Amir Elharar

Make up – Or Kopelis

Hair –  Assaf Levi

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