Looking back, Looking forward

A week ago the Jewish New Year was celebrated in Israel and as someone who is addicted to any existing kitsch and to ‘any reason to party is a good reason to party’ – this is certainly one of my favorite holidays.

This is an excellent time to reflect on the passing year; on everything we have learnt, experienced, felt. Examine which goals we have accomplished and start recalculating our route and set new goals and targets for ourselves.

For me, the past year was very special in many terms: new paths I have not yet taken; moving, exciting experiences; big opportunities that opened up for me, and even the process I have undergone before opening the blog as you see it today, which involved considerable research and learning on one hand and introspection on the other.

This was the first year I remember myself learning so much, experimenting, dreaming big and responding to all the challenges and opportunities that life has to offer.

On some level I feel that the past year represented an internal transition from a little girl mode to a woman mode although it’s still a bit scary to say it out loud.

At the beginning of this year I feel wiser, smarter and capable of looking at life objectively while learning to be less criticizing – of the environment in general and of myself in particular.

I learnt that good things happen if we only believe and direct ourselves with lots of hard work to the place we wish to be.

So, one second before this year actually starts and I resume a hysterical mode of doing, I stop to say thank you for all the good and not as good things that happened, for all the lessons and for all the opportunities. 







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Photos by Matan Raban.

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