My Chanel Experience

About a month ago I got a phone call from Chanel and was invited for a meeting with a uniquely skillful person who holds one of the most desirable positions there – Chanel “Nose”!

I was asked to keep the meeting in secret which wasn’t an easy task at all.

The longed for meeting was held yesterday afternoon in a lovely complex built in Ramat Aviv Mall with the most special perfumes from Les Exclusifs line which are only sold in their selected boutiques but which will be sold in a pop-up shop in Ramat Aviv Mall for the next three weeks.

This special line features 16 fragrances, each with a name that is somehow related to Coco Chanel herself. There is, for instance, a perfume named after her best friend, her summer cottage and other unique names from special events and places intertwined with her life.

In the complex you will be able to receive a short diagnosis about which perform fits you the most out of the wide range.

In the diagnosis I had by Chanel “Nose”, he asked why I actually wear perfumes. I told him that smell for me is always related to this or that memory, and many times it is because of certain fragrances that I get to remember moving memories. I also told him that because I moved to a new apartment, I happened to go on a busy day, just a few days ago, without wearing perfume (simply because nothing was in place yet) – and all day long I felt as if I was naked. The impact and connection with fragrances are that strong for me.

The perform that was chosen for me is “Bel Respiro” named after the house of Gabrielle aka Coco Chanel. And this is what the “Nose” explained: her house was a living example of her art – conveying her uncompromising elegance in the best way. This perform is somewhat sweat, somewhat fresh and very grounded – and all that is accurately combined into an unforgettable fragrance. And with that I rest my case.

So make some time for yourselves and go for a visit in Ramat Aviv Mall at Chanel’s special complex – you won’t be sorry!









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