Those of you who have been following me on the social networks (Here and Here) know I’ve been through a difficult period in the past two weeks, when Kate, my gorgeous dog, was hit by a passing car and nearly died. She underwent a head surgery and went out of danger and still – we are ahead of a long-term rehabilitation, she will take at least a couple of months to completely recover, and in the meantime we are giving her all the love she needs.

This incident reminded me of a story that ran over the net recently and I want to share it with you. I think a great deal can be learned from it and from these amazing creatures called dogs.

“A vet, an acquaintance of my family, told me once that a few years ago he had to euthanize a 13-year old sick dog. The entire family arrived at the clinic to be with the dog and they were quite upset. He noticed that their 6-year old son sat near the dog and kept patting him calmly and without panic, without shedding as much as a single tear, until the dog went to sleep forever. When the vet went over to the child to explain that a dog’s life is shorter comparing to people’s life, the child surprised him by saying: “I know why.” The child’s explanation was one of the most moving things the vet has ever heard and it completely changed his take on life.

And this is what the child explained: “People are born and live a long life because they need to learn how to lead a good life, how to love everyone around them, and how to be nice to everyone. Dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t need to live for so many years. If a dog had been our tutor in life, we could have learned many things from it.

For instance, when our loved ones come back home, always run to the door to welcome them. Never give up on the opportunity to go for a walk, enjoy fresh air and wind over our face in long drives. Rest a lot and stretch yourself properly when you get up. Run, be playful and play every day. Allow people to touch us. Remember that we don’t always have to bite and that sometimes a simple growling is enough. In hot days, have a rest on your back and drink plenty of water. Never be ashamed of demonstrating our joy. If there is something we want which is buried out of our reach, dig until we find it. When our friends have a bad day, sit next to them and comfort them in every possible way. And most importantly – enjoy life!”

I would love to hear what you think about that, and even more – to hear about your pets!

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Photos by Matan Raban

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  • רותם says:

    באמת מרגש! אוהבת את קייט הלוואי שתחלים ותחזור לעצמה ציק צק צוק ❤️✨

  • Chen says:

    יפה שלי פוסט מקסים! אמנם אין לי חיית מחמד אבל התחברתי לחלוטין למה שאנחנו צריכים ללמוד מהם איך לחיות את החיים 🙂
    מקווה שקייט תחלים במהרה ושעד אז יעבור בקלות!
    נשיקות בובה
    xoxo, Chen

  • Bar says:

    יפה שלי, אהובה שלי, ריגשת אותי מאוד! ממש עמדו לי דמעות בעיניים! זה קטע יפהפה וכל כך נכון.
    מי שלא יודע מה זו אהבה של כלב – מפסיד!
    קייט הנסיכה יצאה מכלל סכנה, והיא עוד תשוב להשתובב ולרוץ בבית!

  • Miryam says:

    סיפור מקסים ומרגש, והאאוטפיט מהמם!

  • Lidar says:

    אהובה שלי,
    פוסט מקסים ומרגש.
    חייבת לספר לך שכשקראתי את ההודעה שלך בפייס על קייט ממש עמדו לי דמעות בגרון. ואיזה כיף שהיא יצאה מכלל סכנה והתאוששה.
    יש בינכן קשר מדהים פשוט ראוי להערצה
    ואת הורסת, גם קייט, גם הפרחים

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