My skin Care & New Amazing products

My love affair with Clarins has started a few months ago when I discovered their face care cream and continues with two new creams I tried over the past months.

I always find it scary to try new face creams. I have a rather sensitive facial skin which, just like me, does not respond well to changes but really liked this one!

Multi-Active Day and Night – two new creams, for the day and for the night, for all skin types.

The day cream also contains SPF 20 and actually aims at reducing skin stresses, smoothing it and giving it the moisture which is so vital for it.

The night cream is designed to nourish and smooth our skin when we are sleeping and ensure that it rests and relaxes with us in order for us to wake up in the morning with fresh, smooth, uniform and moisturized skin.

My skin really feels fresh than ever, full of moisture and vitality. Contrary to my concerns, the creams do not feel heavy on my skin. Quite the contrary, I feel it is thirsty for this moisture and this is why I enjoy those moments of the day when it’s time to apply the cream.

Other than these two products, I also had the chance of experimenting with some great Bioderma products. This was the first time I experimented with these products after receiving loads and loads of recommendations about them! There is no doubt that these are very high standard products and the benefit – they have no smell! At first it felt very strange but then this was one of the things that made me fall in love with the products!

MAX Lait SPF 50+Photoderm – a protection cream with SPF 50 for those with light skin and a tendency to freckles (and also for those without) which is designed for extremely sunny places.

Sensibio Light – face cream that provides moisture and protection for sensitive skin. This cream is simply wonderful, light and feels great on the skin.

Moussant – Sensibio Gel – one of the greatest products I tried recently. This is a face cleaning gel. It cleans, soothes and nourishes the skin. Without smell or soap, it is also hypoallergenic. Also suitable for using around the eyes which, for me, makes it one of the best soaps I tried.

Eau de soin SPF 30 – Hydrabio – this was the product I was most excited to try: a water-based moist spray. Suitable for sun-exposed skin. I shoved it in my purse and every time I felt the need to freshen up or make sure my face is still protected from the sun, I just sprayed myself. I find it very refreshing and able to reduce the hysteria threshold of a nutcase like me who has just found out she has a tendency to pigmentation!

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