New Favorite | CHANEL

I planned this post for the beginning of the month but I was so busy with so many events that I didn’t have time! My favorites from Chanel summer collection 🙂

The first – please welcome it with a round of applause – SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL – a perfect bronzer that no makeup collection is perfect without. Beyond the beautiful package (and you already know my exaggerated affection for packages) it is light, and you can use it to construct the coat you want at bronzer level; having said that, I recommend to start with a small amount. It will leave your skin with a dreamy velvety sun-kissed finish. You can apply it on clean skin or on makeup.

The second product is in that category of products that I was always afraid to use and today I just understand why.

HEALTHY GLOW SHEER COLOUR STICK Les Beige – a stick blush with beautiful glow this product has several hues one of which can be used for facial sculpting. I use my hue as blush – I apply it directly on my face and blur it with my hand or with a brush.

The third product is called GOMMAGE MICROPERLÉ ÉCLAT and it is actually a facial cleansing gel with a very gentle peeling. The gel has a very pleasant, refreshing texture. It is recommended to apply it on your face and massage the gel in circular movements, one to three evenings a week. It is highly recommended to follow with Chanel mask, which unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to experiment with yet but I’m sure I will soon.

The fourth product is HYDRA BEAUTY FLASH and it is in fact “the next generation” as they say in Chanel. This cream is a boost for tired skin. After you use it you will feel how your skin becomes radiant, vital and uniform. In addition, it smoothes your facial skin and reduces your pores and this is why I also like using it as primer, before I put makeup. But it is certainly possible and recommended to use is in the morning, in the evening or both and in fact wherever your skin feels tired and you wish to revitalize it.

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