You know that I can be inspired by anything – dreams I have, people I meet, songs I hear, trips to both new and familiar places, packages I like or a fragrances I smell…

The inspiration to this look came from a new Paco Rabanne perfume that has always been synonymous with boldness and courage.

Paco Rabanne’s signature is extremity and sensual fashion that protests against acceptable standards and formality. Fashion that unifies art, creation and courage into a perfect combination. His style is dominant, crazy, shakes things but never takes itself too seriously. 

This perfume is one of the most interesting perfumes I had the chance of smelling – a real adventure for one’s sense of smell. The perfume combines the sensuality of salty vanilla notes with the freshness of floral notes and is being highlighted by flowers such as lily and jasmine, and the fragrance – is simply a feast!

Just as my outfit – bold but not taking itself too seriously; harmonically combining two items with lots of presence, and creating a fresh feeling that one cannot resist! 






Shoes – CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, Skirt & Top – Zara, Perfume -Olympéa .

Photos by Matan Raban.

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