Danim Overall

Trying to break more and more fashion stigmas, I was trying to figure out what was behind the stigma of wearing overalls which happens to be one of the recent hottest trends abroad while in Israel – not so much. I noticed that most women hesitate wearing them and would do just about anything to avoid them.

For me, overalls are a look with presence. They radiate strength and power and they make a statement – this is me and I am not ashamed to show myself.

The overalls I chose are kind of a gesture to the overalls of the 90’s. They are in a respectful denim color, just like back then, but the shape is looser.

And this is my way to do it right – one color, a loose shape, cleavage and stylish heels. Need I say more?

Denim OverallBack danim overall

bag and jewlery


Overall – Splendid, Shoes – Zara, Rings – H&M, Bracelets – Ruby Star, Sunnies – Celine.

Photos by – Eyal Marilus.


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