Packing for…

Anyone who knows me closely knows I’m the last one to give any packing tips, the last to recommend how to choose which clothes would be lucky to take a trip to new places, the last to know which outfit she would want to wear every day a week from now, the last to explain how to leave enough room in the suitcase for all the hot stuff she would buy abroad without having to purchase a new suitcase.

So I’m not going to do any of these. But I’m happy to share with you what helps me put some order in the mess – a clear list (Download) I always use to make sure I don’t forget anything: you are welcome to download, print and use it when you pack the next time!

I’m on my way to France, the Riviera and Paris, so you are welcome to follow me on the Instagram for ongoing updates! And if you have any tips and recommendations for extra cool places, I’d love to hear from you!







Necklace – Zara & My closet IL

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