I'm sitting in Paris, mulling over what to write about Cannes that has become synonymous with chic and uncompromising elegance. We arrived there towards the evening, wandered the streets, had dinner in a lovely restaurant overlooking the sea, and enjoyed every minute of it. This is an amazing resort town, full of sandy beaches which …

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Lana Del Rey

אני רוצה לספר לכם על לנה דל ריי ועל כמה שאני אוהבת אותה. אחת המוזיקאיות שהכי נותנות לי השראה. הקול העמוק, הסטייל המיוחד, המוזיקה הנוגעת שלה. מוזיקה, בדומה מאוד לאופנה ולשאר סוגי האומנויות, מצליחה להשפיע עלי בהמון מובנים ורבדים וחשוב מזה – מצליחה לרגש אותי. מוזיקה יכולה לשנות לי את מצב הרוח ולתת לי כ״כ …

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Crop Top

One of the hottest trends this summer (and probably for more seasons to come) is crop tops. I don't really like this trend and initially I was even pretty angry that it landed on us without a proper early notice. One second before I classified it under "trends I give up on before even trying" …

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New blog, New video

As a child I have always feared changes, liked that which was familiar and known and always preferred it, even when the alternative was much better. In the past years I have been feeling more and more open to change, to learn new things, to do things differently, to think outside of the box, to …

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Trying to break more and more fashion stigmas, I was trying to figure out what was behind the stigma of wearing overalls which happens to be one of the recent hottest trends abroad while in Israel – not so much. I noticed that most women hesitate wearing them and would do just about anything to avoid them. For …

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