Russian Embroidery & announcing Youtube

Wow, it feels as if I haven’t written for ages! It’s been a real fun period, full with great work. I am glad to tell you that I have finally opened my YouTube channel! I have already posted a first, short and light clip and I intend to post another one this week. Yes, yes, you got it right… From now on you’ll be able to meet me once a week here on the blog and once again on the same week on the YouTube channel! What shall we have on YouTube? All sorts of girls’ talks, things I bought, behind the scenes of my work, what’s in my Inbox, care routines and loads of surprises I’m planning for us! If there are any topics that interest you, I would obviously want to hear about them.

I will be very happy if you sign up for the channel and tell your friends to sign up too because the first surprise is already on its way and it is a big, extremely great raffle.

It seems that I hardly talk about this lovely outfit but I just had to update you.

One of the trends this season (actually, from last season but let’s not be petty) is all these embroideries coming from Russia and Romania. Last year was one of the most significant years for Russian fashion during which we saw more and more Russian designers conquering more peaks, and here we are, one year later and we can see so many interpretations in so many chains! Real fun.

I combined it with white torn trousers because whether you noticed or not, I’m all into white on white with white.

I hope you like it and let us all have a great week!







Shirt & Shoes- Zara, Pants – Mango, Bag – Chloe, Watch – Larsson & Jennings.

Photos by Matan Raban.

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