Saint Tropez

An amazing town, full of the smell of freedom, youth, wealth and luxury – how can you not fall in love with Saint Tropez?
A port full of the most expensive yachts ever to be seen, ice cream parlors, well designed restaurants, beautiful, tanned people, and an abundance of perfect shoes.
If you happen to be in the vicinity until October 6th, make sure you don’t miss Chanel Pop Up shop which showcases its resort collections in an astonishing building looking like a balcony with a pool, sophisticated and accurate as only Chanel is capable of. Then, keep with the street until Dior Café, a stylish, elegantly designed café situated on the terrace of the brand shop.
Amidst all the luxury stores cradled in the streets I found a small, amazing jewelry store with colorful as well as timeless pieces of jewelry. I fell in love and treated myself to a bracelet which you’ll certainly see here many times 🙂
Saint Tropez, this is not a goodbye song, we will meet again!


Dior San Tropez

Dior San Tropez

San TropezDior San TropezSan Tropez

San TropezSan Tropez


Shirt – Top Shop, Shorts – Noa studio, shoes – Zara, Bag – Michael kors, Bracelets – My closet il
Photos by – Matan Raban
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5 thoughts on “Saint Tropez”

  1. הכל נראה מקסים יקירתי!
    ההמלצות נשמעות שוות ואני בהחלט אהיה חייבת לבקר שם בהקדם!
    והאאוטפיט הוא בול ליום של טיול 🙂
    נשמע שממש נהנית
    xoxo, Chen

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