In my visit to Paris two weeks ago I made it to several interesting presentations but this one was without a doubt the most interesting one.

The brand, Sézane, a French brand that exists for three years and sells its perfect clothes on its just as perfect Internet website.

Last October they finished upgrading their site and shopping experience by setting up “The Apartment”, a stunning complex in Paris, exquisitely furnished and designed, with all items of the collection being scattered over the designed space. You can see, get an impression and try on the entire collection in the Apartment but purchases will always be through the Internet website.

The collection is certainly one of the most beautiful ones I have seen, with a dominant French flavor, accurate, minimalist, one that makes you feel like ditching everything and get coffee and Croissant on the bank of the Seine.

rsz_sezane_021015-2 (1)






Photos by Matan Raban

To Sézane website

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