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Hi to all my beautiful friends! How are you? Last week we realized that we were facing a rather long vacation so we decided to make the most of it and take a trip somewhere. We mulled it over pretty much but we knew we wanted to do something different that we haven’t done yet (which automatically crossed Paris out). We knew we wanted to take the car – it’s not a secret I’m no big fan of flights but this wasn’t the reason for the decision. There is something very interesting about a road trip, especially when this is your first time in a certain place. You are exposed to views you would never see from a plane and the open spaces provide (at least me) with a bit of brain-therapy.

So we rented a car and hit the road to Milan (with a one-night break in between). I visited in Milan two years ago and remember it as a sweet, fun dream. We enjoyed it this time as well, had the best coffee ever, had great ice cream, took a stroll in the small streets, and were amazed with the special home designs and most beautiful showcases I had the chance of seeing lately! Besides, we met Mr. Dolce (yes, the one from Dolce & Gabbana!) which in itself was a fun experience! I hope you enjoy the photos and what I wore in Milan. Wait for more gorgeous posts from our road trip!


Zadig white dress, chloe heels, fendi pink bag


dinner in Milan

Zadig white dress, chloe heels, fendi pink bag

Zadig white dress, chloe heels, fendi pink bag


Gucci window

Dress – Zadig & Voltaire, Shoes – Chloe, Bag – FendiWatch – Larsson & Jennings .

Photos by Matan Raban

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