After more than one year living in Berlin I have gained loads of information about the best places in town – by the way, Matan says I’m a natural. And while it must have been expected of me, so far I haven’t thought of putting everything together in one, organized post. In any event, I’ve come round and here is the requested post 🙂


Hotel Zoo I’ve written a detailed review about this hotel. In general, it’s not a cheap hotel, but if you like to pamper yourself and can appreciate interior design and a unique, eclectic style, you will fall in love with this place right away. All the furniture has been designed especially for the hotel and everything is one of a kind, including the towels and special pajamas waiting for the guests in the more upgraded rooms.In addition, the breakfast here is nothing less than amazing and the location, in my opinion, is the best in the whole city.

Max Brown Hotel – this is a young hotel in a groovy, urban and contemporary style – everything which is correct and happening. Located in West Berlin its location is not bad at all while not the most central. However, public transportation in Berlin is one of the best in the world so it’s not a problem to get around the city. In addition, breakfast at the hotel is served in the adjacent restaurant which you may know – Benedict!

Hotel Amano in the East – a small, charming hotel. The rooms are not large or stylized but are nevertheless very aesthetic. The hotel is situated in East Berlin in one of the most beautiful streets in the area, near small, lovely shops which are certainly worth a visit as well as restaurants and cool bars. In addition, in the summer months the hotel operates its bar which is located on the roof overlooking the entire city.

25 Hours Hotel – a lovely hotel, part of a chain of boutique hotels in Europe, which I find very suitable for young people, in age and in spirit. Its location is excellent and it’s especially good if you take the room with the view to the zoo. In addition, it has a cool bar called “The Monkey Bar” and the best time to sit there is in sunset because the views are simply breathtaking.

Coffee & Breakfast 

Where to have your coffee and eat your breakfast – I won’t lie to you – coffee in Berlin is not something to write home about but there are quite a few cool cafés, for breakfast or mid-day snack with even cooler cakes and snacks.

Zeit fur Brut – a small, charming café in a Scandinavian design which is mostly dedicated to the best yeast cakes I have eaten in Berlin. Don’t miss the yeast cake with the white chocolate.

What Do you Fancy Love – a bagel with cream cheese and avocado or salmon? The best chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever eat? Fresh, refreshing shakes? This is the place!

House of Small Wonders – a small lovely place which looks as if it is run by one family. Great, refreshing breakfasts, including French toast which is simply excellent. In addition, they have the cutest entrance ever and probably the most photographed one.

Districk coffee – one of the coolest neighborhood cafés in Berlin. Nearly no tourists arrive there, but the truth? This is part of its charm! Don’t miss their pancakes. I repeat: Don’t miss their pancakes!

Princess Cheesecake – a small, magical café entirely dedicated to cheesecakes. It is located in the east of the city in a small, beautiful street. The most fun is to order tea and some tastes from the cakes that look the best to you!

Deluma – the trend of raw food has arrived all the way to Berlin. Looking for a tasty bowl of açaí? Fresh food that does not undergo any cooking? This is the place for you! I really like their oatmeal breakfast.

Rose Garden – a small, lovely café in an excellent area which is worth a stroll later on. It is especially great for breakfasts or mid-day snacks.

Café im Literaturhaus – Wintergarten – secret garden with great breakfast.


Chao – a small unimpressive restaurant in West Berlin. However, their pho soup is one of the best I tried, if not the best! And in cold nights I truly dream about it.

Monsieur Vuong – there is a real hype around this restaurant and the people who eat there either love it or hate it. We ate there a few times and had a great time. The menu changes and with the exception of several regular starters, there is each time something else on the menu.

Nuovo Mario – a quaint Italian restaurant. The starters were less to our liking but the pastas and pizzas were simply great.

Sudka Restaurant – a great Argentinean restaurant for meat lovers.

Shiso – I’ll start with a disclosure: I am not a burger fan. Yes, big shock, I know! Still, when I do fancy a burger, this cute little restaurant in East Berlin is certainly one of the good ones! They have a good selection – not too big but definitely satisfying – of different types of burgers (salmon, vegetarian) which are served in buns. The best one, in my opinion, is the chili lemon. They also have a side-dish of spiral potatoes you must try!

CECCONI’S BERLIN at Soho House Restaurant – the Soho House’s reputation precedes it. If you don’t know, this is a global chain of clubs for members only. This restaurant is not only for members and is open for the wide public. There is no doubt that this is the place to see and be seen and having said that – the food there is simply great, aesthetic and tasty.

Butcher – if you are familiar with that name, you may know their branch in Amsterdam. So this chain has expanded and is now also to be found in Berlin. They have super cool and unique burgers.

1000 – one of the coolest bars in Berlin. Under a bridge on the famous Fridrich Strasse there is a hidden white door that if you are not familiar with you’ll probably never know that behind it exists one of the coolest bars that only those who should know about it arrive there. In addition, the place also houses a restaurant which I personally didn’t like so much – they serve mainly fish and seafood.

Dudu 31 – I think that out of all of Europe capitals, Berlin is one of the places with the most Asian food. It’s easy to get confused in the midst of Asian restaurants – but Dudu is certainly one of the good ones. Stylized, good and varied dishes, and there is even a sushi roll named after Tel Aviv.


Markt Halle Neun– A food market on Thursday and a breakfast market on Sunday morning – it’s so great – just come hungry!

Mao Park on Sunday – especially if it’s sunny and nice outdoors. At the beginning I hated this market and didn’t get the crazy hype around it. After several rounds in it I discovered its charm and these are my tips for you: 1. Don’t be afraid to rummage through it. 2. Take your time and walk slowly and calmly. There are many findings to be had, great atmosphere and the best thing is to sit on the grass at the end and listen to the artists who come to play and sing there.

Tours – there are plenty of guides who give tours in Berlin. If you wish a concentrated day in which you will have a guided tour in the important locations, it’s recommended to take one or two according to your areas of interest. Berlin is huge and there are many important monuments with important stories behind them. It is easy to get lost in this city and therefore guidance can be very helpful.

A bicycle ride in Tiergarten – this is truly my favorite activity in Berlin! Especially between May and November. In the spring, summer and autumn (and the truth is that also in the winter and in the snow but only for a foot stroll) – this is one of the most impressive gardens – full of hidden, magical corners. A bicycle ride is just like meditation for me.

A trip to Charlottenburg Palace and the back garden – as someone who believed (and well – still does) that she is a descendant from a dynasty of princes and kings, I love visiting European palaces and although this one specifically looks more like a castle than a palace – going through it is nevertheless very fun and enriching, especially the garden, especially in the spring, summer and autumn.

In Christmas – one of the most beautiful periods of time in Berlin – the entire city is festive, decorated and full with dedicated markets. Taking a stroll in each and every one of them is an experience in itself – and of course drinking Glühwein, the famous Christmas drink which is actually hot, spiced wine. My favorite market is definitely the Gendarmenmarkt since this is also one of the most beautiful areas in the city and the one they invested the most in.

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