The Perfect getaway: Hotel Alegra

When was the last time you treated yourself for a warm bath made of exquisite Italian marble, full with fragrant bubble bath and pampering bath salts? This is just one of the treats we had in our magical weekend at Alegra Hotel, one of the most romantic places where we’ve been lately.

The minute we entered the hotel, we felt energies of love engulfing us from every direction. Our suite – Dante and Beatrice – was equipped with a huge bed especially designed for the hotel, a black marble bathroom, an excellent bottle of wine and many other great treats.

The hotel is nestled in the midst of the picturesque Ein Kerem neighborhood, in an old stone building encompassing within its walls the 100-year love story of Alegra Bilu, a beautiful Jewish woman from Mahane Yehuda and Jabra Rahil, a Christian Arab from Ein Kerem, who fell in love, married and lived happily ever after until the end of their life.

In the morning a huge chef breakfast awaited us prepared by the hotel chef right on the spot. Fresh breads from the oven, freshly cut vegetables and salads and recently picked herbs. Everything was fresh and full of flavor! 

We shot some beautiful productions there which I can’t wait to share with you. But in the meantime let’s enjoy the look I chose for the day we drove there: a casual, gentle, stylish look with some spring flavor, and of course some pictures of the hotel itself.

So, if one night – or more then one night – you feel you’re really in for a short overseas-style getaway, a vacation that would feel like a real Guilty Pleasure, treat yourself for the vacation you really deserve and book one there. 



Hotel alegra

Hotel alegra, adidas

Hotel alegra, adidas

Hotel alegra

Hotel Alegra, adidas

Hotel alegra

Hotel alegra

Hotel alegra

gold and mia

Hotel Alegra


Jacket & Shoes & Bag – Adidas, Jewellery – Gold and Mia

Location – Alegra Hotel

Photos by Matan Raban

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8 thoughts on “The Perfect getaway: Hotel Alegra”

  1. נראה שבילית, חופשה מושלמת במקום מושלם. את נראית מדהים ממוש!!!! מ ה מ מ ת

  2. וואו מהממת אחת!!! שנים שלא נכנסתי לאדידס, לפי התמונות של מה שאת לובשת אני חייבת לעשות שם ביקור!

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