Things I learned while Living abroad

Things I learned while living in Berlin:

  1. Not all the Arabs hate us.
  2. Europeans really like to queue up.
  3. Fruits abroad are actually quite tasty.
  4. Especially cherries.
  5. Their lettuce is really good.
  6. Their cucumbers are huge. Really huge.
  7. Parks abroad are immense and are nothing like we know in Israel.
  8. Cellular packages in Israel are much cheaper than in Berlin.
  9. There are Israelis everywhere.
  10. There is no real winter in Israel.
  11. Snow is fun.
  12. Winter is fun.
  13. Sundays off are the best thing ever.
  14. After a while you can get used even to the most disgusting language in the world for me – German.
  15. After a while you can understand quite a lot in German, even without learning.
  16. Germans don’t like and don’t speak English that well.
  17. Any spice/vegetable that reminds you of home and you want to buy but is not available at your local supermarket – is available at the Turkish or Iranian supermarket.
  18. There is no real summer in Berlin.
  19. Living in s country without a sea is a bit strange.
  20. A lake is not a sea.
  21. Subway is not as scary as it sounds.
  22. Burekas are hard to find abroad.

These are the insights I gathered when I lived in Berlin. Now, humor aside – there is no doubt that Israel is home but I still think that this is one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had and I am thankful every minute for this amazing opportunity. And to tell the truth? I am absolutely ready to try other places around the globe!

Let me know about things that you learned about living abroad and if you didn’t have the chance yet – where would you have liked to live?








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Photos by Matan Raban.

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