Time to work

Recently I have received many requests, both in the responses down here and by e-mails (and do keep up with them, it’s really fun!) that I should write a post about chic outfits for work. After thinking about it for a bit and although I generally think that there is no such thing as a top that is only suitable for work or a dress that is only good for an event – as it’s all about adding the right accessories – I have managed to put together the perfect look for work.

For me, a work outfit should be really convenient as we wear it during the entire day, and the more we feel comfortable and good about it, the better will we be able to work and express ourselves. My choice is long, loose trousers (because it’s hot outdoors but cold indoors from the air conditions), a high neck line blouse, a statement necklace and shoes with a twist that will put some interest into the whole outfit.

Remember that the chic is in the accessories and combinations that we make!

So, what do you think about my choice? And what do you like to wear for work?









Trousers – Noa, shoes – zara, bag – Michael Kors

Photos by – Amir Elharar

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  1. איזה פוסט מקסים! תודה שאת ממשיכה לעדכן, כיף לברוח לפה!

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