Who's afraid of high heels?

I believe that nearly everyone would agree with me that there is nothing like high heels and that this is one of the most fashionable items ever. Even when it seems that there is a break from this trend, there is no real chance they would ever disappear from the world of fashion.

Recently I have been receiving many e-mails and questions about how I manage to wear such high heels and whether I have any tips about how to walk in them, so I gathered all my tips in this one detailed post 🙂

First things first, before you start, it's important you know that everyone can wear heels. It might take a while to grasp the way to do it but it's absolutely possible! That's it, ready? Here we go, on heels of course!

Start with baby steps – if you have never worn heels, there is no reason to start with 8-cm heels or 5 cm for that matter. Start with 2-3 cm, learn how to walk, see how it feels and only then move to the next level.

Small steps – wearing heels automatically makes our steps smaller, so just flow with it. These are not trainers we can run and take huge steps in; it will make us loose balance and look ridiculous. 

Walking order – this may sound a bit funny but your walking order is highly important. I'm not sure you have ever paid attention but when we wear flat shoes, the entire foot comes down to the floor as one unit. When we wear high heels, you should pay attention: the heel comes down first and only then the rest of the foot, down to the big toe. The mantra is pretty simple: "heel – foot – big toe".

Straight line – imagine a straight line on the floor and follow it – one foot after the other. This will also look much more elegant.

Practice, practice, practice – the best way to wear heels in a correct, natural way is to practice. Start at home and continue outside, on different types of floors, on stairs etc.

Good luck!

valentino rockstud

Saint laurent clutch

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 .Shoes -Jimmy Choo, Zara, Missguided, Miss Selfridges .

Photo by – Matan Raban.

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