women of the future

One of the things I find most intriguing is the link between social processes in our society and the fashion world. Or perhaps I should ask – how fashion affects social processes in the society in which we live?

What is fashion except for clothes? Fashion is a language, a form of expression that has existed for thousands of years. Fashion is a way to convey a statement, define a status, culture, religion and even, or perhaps mainly – gender.

On the face of it, people think that fashion is superficial and has no real influence on the world but if take a moment to think about it seriously – the influence fashion has on the world, on economics and on culture – is tremendous.

The world of fashion has developed and corresponded for many years with feminist movement, these groups that fight against society that has been limiting and defining us, making choices for us and sometimes setting restricting rules of conduct for us.

Is the fact that this is the first time for 70 years that the head designer of Dior is a woman part of a social process that we have been undergoing (and it is about time that it should happen) or it is the other way all together, and the clearly equal agenda of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the first woman to head Dior House of Fashion, and the T-shirt she designed, are in fact responsible for that?

This is my gesture to this iconic T-shirt which, in my mind, is related to a period of time that can make history. And yes, we are the women of the future. And yes, we can do this. We can make a difference. With a pink tutu, jeans, or a dress – it doesn’t really matter. 



Photos by Matan Raban.

Skirt – Asos, T-shirt – TopShop, Shoes – Zara, Bag – Gucci, Sunglasses – Saint Laurent.

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    אהבתי את בחירת מיקום צילום הפוסט! לדעתי ראוי לציון בפוסט, יש לבחירה הזאת גם say לא קטן

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